Plant manuals for your Operators

Plant manuals for your Operators

(As required by SANS 10147)

A visual manual illustrating plant equipment operation & troubleshooting

SANS 10147 stipulates that each installation must have an individual manual applicable to that plant. These manuals are compiled on the equipment installed at each particular site. The OHS Act is quite clear where it states that all employees must be adequately trained on the equipment that they are operating.

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    The following is a typical list of the contents of a plant manual:

    • Introduction
    • Don'ts and Do's
    • Ammonia First Aid
    • Legal requirements that all Refrigeration Plants need to conform to.

    Plant Room

    • Compressor Controls
    • Capacity Solenoids & Oil Filter
    • Compressor - dealing with oil problems
    • Ammonia System Controls & Gauges
    • Liquid Supply & Level Controls on Suction Accumulator
    • Ammonia Pumps & Draining Oil from system
    • Screw Compressor Set
    • Reciprocating Compressor Set
    • Compressor Operation
    • Pumping Station

    Common Plant

    • Cold Room Valve Assembly and Room Control
    • Plant & Screw Compressor Maintenance Schedule

    Plant Operation Details

    • Chilling Refrigeration Plant System
    • Low Temperature Refrigeration Plant System
    • Evaporative Condensers
    • Purging Air from an Ammonia System
    • Charging Ammonia
    • Hot Gas Defrost
    • Valve Assemblies


    • Screw Compressor Troubleshooting
    • Reciprocating Compressor Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting compressors - Ammonia & Freon
    • Condenser Troubleshooting
    • Pumping Drum Operation & Troubleshooting
    • Accumulator Troubleshooting
    • Cold Room Troubleshooting

    Controls & Valves

    • Danfoss KP Pressure Switch
    • Danfoss RT Thermostat
    • Danfoss RTIAL Capacity Pressure Switch
    • Danfoss MP55A Oil Pressure Switch
    • Danfoss PM & EVRA Control Valves
    • Danfoss Pilot Valves
    • Parker/RS Solenoids, Pressure Regulators & Suction Control Valves
    • Witt GP Pump
    • Danfoss SV Float & PMFL Injection Valve
    • RS Level Switch & Check Valve