Managing your Cold Store

Managing your Cold Store

This course is designed to inform all managers and department heads about the issues associated with operating a cold store facility. It is not just about the moving and handling of chilled and frozen product - there is much, much more.

Knowledge of up to date legislation and legal requirements are of prime importance. Managers need to fully understand the issues and know what to expect from their service providers.

  • The material included in the Manage your Cold Store training is as follows:add

    The Cold Chain and Refrigeration System
    What does it mean?

    Conditions relating to storage in Cold Stores
    - What is so important about temperature & humidity?

    Basic refrigeration principles
    - How does it work?

    Refrigeration Systems
    - What does each component do?

    Coldroom Cooling loads
    - Do you know where they come from?

    Troubleshooting Coldroom Temperature Problems
    - So you have a problem - what do you look for?

    Coldstore housekeeping
    - Impact of incorrect practices on cold store operations

    Product Handling at the Coldstore
    - This is a major area that needs control to improve efficiency.

    Plant Operation Considerations
    - Things you need to know about your plant.

    Plant operating questions and Maintenance
    - Do you know the conditions your plant is operating at?

    Competent Person
    - Is your plant operator/technician accredited to SAQCCGas appropriate registration?

    Safety and your Plant
    - It has happened before, are you ready?

    Risk Analysis of Refrigeration Plant & Conforming to Pressure Equipment Regulation
    - Legal requirement.

    Dealing with an ammonia leak
    - Are you in a position to cope with a major leak?

    Freon Leaks
    - Issues & considerations

    Energy Management & Power Outages
    - We need to conserve our power and be more efficient.

    Moisture and Humidity Considerations on plant power loading
    - Why & how they need to be controlled.

    Labour, Power and Disaster Issues
    - How are you going to deal with them when they happen?

    Impact of water shortages
    - How does this affect your plant?

    Environmental Issues with Refrigerants and future trends
    - CO2 & Ammonia are becoming the refrigerants of choice.

    First Aid
    - You need to know what to do in an emergency situation.

    Ammonia First Aid Course
    - What you need to know about dealing with Ammonia injuries.