Safety Equipment Supply

Safety Equipment Supply

and mandatory requirements for all Ammonia Refrigeration Plants

We have no specific preference for an equipment supplier and can offer what ever is requested. Failing a specific request, we will supply whatever is readily available.

SANS 10147 is very specific in the safety equipment required on Ammonia sites.

  •

    If the plant has less that 500 Kg of Ammonia then the site is only required to have 2 Gas Masks with rubber gloves and canisters (we recommend that each gas mask should have a spare canister at all times) mounted outside the plant room in a safe area.

    Should the plant have more than 500 kg of Ammonia then in addition to the above there must be:

    • 2 Sets of Breathing Apparatus complete with a spare air cylinder per set.
    • Each set to have at least one set of level B safety protective clothing comprising of a safety suit, rubber boots, rubber gloves, a life line and duct tape to seal up the suit.
    • All to be mounted in an enclosure in a safe area close to the plant room
    • Signage required

      Whilst the OHS Act calls for safety signage to be mounted outside of the plant room to indicate information particular to the hazard within, SANS 10147 specifically stipulates that there must be a plant schematic diagram outside the plant room indicating critical valves in the system. We can provide these site-specific plant schematic diagrams and other required signage on request.

      All Ammonia plant rooms are required to have Ammonia Detection, Spark proof Ventilation Fans, Wind Socks and a Safety Shower/Eye Wash Assembly outside of the plant room. Again, we can assist on request.