Site Emergency Plan to SANS 1514:2018

Site Emergency Plan to SANS 1514:2018

The OHS Act states clearly that all plants that have Hazardous Material are required to have an “On Site Emergency Plan” as per SANS 1514:2018. Not just a plan, but continuous on-site practice & training. The effectiveness of any plant will be dictated by competent trained personnel and their response to an incident. A release will involve all the emergency services on site, and the whole response team needs to be trained, not just the Ammonia responders.

Whilst incorporating the requirements of SANS 1514:2018 we have also have adapted IIAR’s Process Safety Management Guidelines for Ammonia Refrigeration and Risk Management Program Guidelines for Ammonia Refrigeration to create a single integrated document which provides guidance, suggestions, and assistance to ammonia refrigeration facilities in implementing a practical “On Site Emergency Plan”.

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    The documentation has been derived from a wide range of issues and problems over the past 15 years of practical knowledge in the USA resulting in the development of the standard IIAR’s Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program Guidelines. These guidelines come complete with the benefit of experience from many industry leaders who have developed consolidated and individual programs successfully and it is specifically about the Ammonia Industry.

    The presentation is an easy to use one page per occurrence/incident for all on site hazardous materials with standard operating procedures avoiding confusion with regards to staff response whilst laying out a defined plan for all involved.

    Once the plan is in place, the yearly practice Site Incident Response Training needs to be done. It is too late to find the flaws in your emergency plan when the incident is upon you.