Ammonia Site Incident Response Training

Ammonia Site Incident Response Training

Are you prepared for this?

What do you do when your worst nightmare happens?

It is an OHS requirement that all Ammonia plants conform to specific legislation. All plants have to have an on-site emergency plan as required by SANS 1514:2018 ensuring that the staff is conversant with the procedures to adopt. All members of the on-site response team are to undertake a yearly practice exercise. Your emergency response team must be prepared for any eventually, it will be too late when it happens.

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    This very practical one day training course will highlight the events that can occur in an incident, put solutions in place, and assist with drawing up the site emergency plan. The course includes the following:

    History of ammonia - why we use it

    Ammonia characteristics & the environment

    First Aid

    Training - why this must be ongoing

    Ammonia detection what does it do?

    Site issues - Past & present with your plant

    Preparing for an incident

    Past incidents - scale & impact

    Emergency response procedures

    What about when it happens to you?

    What procedures are going to kick in?

    After an incident what have you learned?

    Schedule annually.

    Who should attend?

    The site response team consisting of middle management, ammonia emergency response team, first aiders, firefighting team, and Health & Safety reps.