SANS 10147 Audit

SANS 10147 Audit

To assess compliance to SANS 10147 – a legal requirement of the OHS Act.

A SANS 10147 Audit is necessary on all Ammonia plants as follows:

  • new installation, and
  • every five years, and/or
  • after any alteration, incident or near hit incidents.

This document forms an integral part of a Major Hazardous Installation Report for the site and is a necessary for the issuing of a Certificate of Compliance for the plant.

  • A typical SANS 10147 Audit would include the following: add

    Executive Summary



    Document Review

    Definition of a Hazardous Installation

    Contractor Control & Responsibility Definition

    Hazard identification & risk assessment OHS Act & SANS 10147 requirements

    Needs identification

    Policies & appointments

    Incident Reporting & Recording




    Specific Risk Assessment & Comments - Ammonia Refrigeration Plants

    Worst Case Scenario & Responses


    Possible Causes

    Implications of an accidental ammonia release

    Possible further consequences relating directly to a risk situation arising on the refrigeration system

    Action to be taken in a worst case scenario

    Ammonia Release Considerations

    Potential Release Profile

    Anticipated Ammonia Concentrations in the vicinity of a vapour release

    Investigations into previous incidents of ammonia release & risk profile

    Aerial view of the area showing wind direction

    Site Evacuation Plan

    Assessment list of non-conformity to SANS 10147 requirements

    Action Plan to bring plant into conformity

    Photographic Illustration of problem areas


    Properties of Ammonia

    Exposure to Ammonia - First Aid

    On-site safety requirements

    Plant & Requirements

    Emergency Procedures

    Alarm/Detection System

    Dealing with an ammonia leak

    Ammonia Release or Accident emergency procedures

    Regulation 9 - Recording & Investigation of Incidents

    Hot Work Permit

    General Work Permit

    Electrical Installation Regulations

    Scaffold Inspection

    Contractor Equipment Log

    Contractors on Site

    Ammonia MSDS

    Audit done to check conformity with SANS 10147 requirements.