Operational Plant Procedures Safety Assessment

Operational Plant Procedures Safety Assessment

All plant needs to conform to the legal requirements as laid down in the OHS Act, the Pressure Equipment Regulations, and SANS 10147. This includes the ongoing operation of the plant. Thus, all refrigeration plant should have a complete operational safety assessment against a given standard and a safety assessment colour coded score card.

With the help of this assessment the non-compliant issues will be noted and a plan can be put into place to address the problem areas. This is a very effective tool for upper management and department heads to understand the legal requirements and to prioritize response to non-compliant issues.

  • Refrigeration Safety Assessment Score Card Summaryadd
    Design & Condition Inspection:

    Ammonia Hazard Analysis – Hazard Analysis & Human Impact

    Equipment Inspection – Does everything comply?

    Safety Equipment Inspection – Standards & assessment

    Marking & Documentation Check – Need to know info


    General Training & Employee Awareness – need to know rating

    Operational Management (General) – Prioritising actions

    Regular Checks - List of actions & confirmation of undertakings

    Management of change – Are procedures in place?


    Maintenance personnel training – assessing operator knowledge

    Ammonia Expert Training – Assessing technician knowledge

    Contractor management – What is the written plan?

    Emergency Response Plan:

    General – What you need to know

    Organization of emergency response – Response & Procedures

    Emergency Test – How does the site respond?

    Emergency Equipment – Equipment & Maintenance

    Rating Criteria

    > 90 % – Best Practice
    70 – 89 % – Good
    < 70% – Needs Improvement