Ammonia Training Solutions provide specialist training to the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry.


SAQCCGas maintains the qualification and certification register of all authorized gas practitioners.


SAIRAC is a non-profit organization founded on 17 July 1951 primarily to promote education and training and uplift the stature of air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers.


The South African Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association is an association of contractors who have individually and jointly agreed to a set of governing standards whilst operating in free competition against each other.

The common aim is to continually strive to improve the image and standards of the industry and the Association provides a forum for this purpose.

In July 2009 the Department of Labour published the "Pressure Equipment Regulations" as part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act Number 85 of 1993. The South African Qualification Certification Committee for Gas (SAQCC Gas) has been accredited by the Department of Labour to register "Authorized Persons". SARACCA, as a member of that committee is tasked with registering refrigeration and air conditioning practitioners.

They manage the Registration of Authorized Persons.