About us

We have been active in specifically providing services to the South African Refrigeration industry since 1996 and have built a large client base where we assist and contribute to the safe working and efficiency of their plants. As an organisation we have over 50 years of invaluable experience in this industry, have a Merseta accredited assessor and an SAQCCGas Accredited Inspector and Designer to meet industry requirements.

Mission Statement


Provide technical assistance to the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.


Promote safety and awareness in the refrigeration industry of the statutory legal requirements by presenting specialized plant technical documentation and to provide a professional engineering service.


Provide a high standard of safety awareness at all ammonia sites, ensure that plants are operated by competent people to ensure that the general public and staff are not put at risk.


To develop

A Culture of safety and awareness for all ammonia plants and their environments.

To establish

A country wide specialised engineering service to the ammonia industry


Help establish and meet the safety needs of the industry.